Take the Mystery Out of Your Dog’s Grooming Appointment

Your golden retriever Marley can’t do a thing with his fur. Of course, your rambunctious dog often rolls in the grass, and his coat is like a magnet for leaves and yard debris. Your hectic schedule has impeded your daily brushing sessions, so your canine buddy could use some professional grooming services. Since Marley has a physical exam with your Saint Lucie County veterinarian next week, your dog should make a pretty good impression.

Woofingly Good Reception

That morning, you’ll deliver your cosmetically challenged pooch to the grooming salon. He’ll be pampered silly for several hours; and you’ll retrieve your cleaner, better-smelling dog during late afternoon.

When Marley enters the salon, the receptionist will give him a dog-friendly greeting. She’ll ask you about special grooming instructions, such as vet-prescribed medicated shampoo. Maybe the vet has also instructed you to keep water out of Marley’s trouble-prone ears. Make your wishes completely clear. After the check-in process, your dog will receive a trip to the work area.

Pre-Bath Beauty Rituals

Marley’s groomer will examine his entire coat, hoping for just some minor mats and tangles. If that’s the case, she’ll give him a speedy brushout so his mats don’t morph into furry golden blobs when they get wet.

If your dog’s coat is out of control, his groomer can’t de-mat his fur without causing him considerable pain. To avoid that discomfort, she’ll probably give your pooch a complete shavedown. During his next visit, she’ll begin to reshape his coat from the ground up. Finally, your pooch will receive a gentle ear cleaning and a nail trim.

Anal Gland Details

Now comes the really fun part: the anal glands. These two little fluid-packed glands often empty during defecation, although that’s not guaranteed. To help prevent future medical concerns, the groomer will manually empty, or express, these stinky-smelling glands while Marley’s in the tub.

Ultimate Spa Experience

You’ve promised your dog a nice warm bath, and now he’ll receive it. He’ll approve of the scented shampoo, enjoyable coat massage, and thorough rinse. After the groomer dries his coat with a hand-held or kennel dryer, your cleaner canine will get a wriggle-worthy brushout and maybe a colorful bandanna.

Your Saint Lucie County veterinarian will be pleased that your dog looks (and smells) much cleaner. To schedule your dog’s grooming session, call us for an appointment.

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